My IFFR 2015 experience

The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 took place from January 21st until February 1st. As last year, I was a volunteer during the festival. During the festival I stayed at Hostel ROOM and—of course—I watched a variety of films.

I saw 19 feature films and 10 shorts this year.


A while in advance of the festival I signed up to be a volunteer again. Just as last year, I chose to be a festival newspaper courier. The task is to deliver the Daily Tiger to various festival locations, hotels, restaurants, museums, et cetera.

The Daily Tiger is the festival's newspaper with the programme for the day, interviews, details about the films, tips from people involved in a way and more. The other volunteers and I load the newspapers in a van, drive our route and deliver everything.

A nice perk of this shift is the times that you'll have to work. The morning shift consists of working a few hours from 9AM. Most of the times you'll be able to catch the second series of films, screening around 1-2PM.

The last Doorman, a newspaper for the volunteers, featured yours truly in an interview about what my work looks like, as well as several answers to personal questions.

Notable films

From the films I've seen, I find the following films the most notable.

No Men Beyond This Point

No Men Beyond This Point is a mockumentary about men becoming obsolete. Women can reproduce themselves, and get pregnant of more female humans. There are short interviews with women finding it very normal, and men being desperate and helpless. Best part is that it is funny to see, but also provokes you to think about the status quo related to a male dominant society.

Dreams Rewired

The documentary Dreams Rewired tells the story of telephony and audio-video recordings and maps it to the current inventions of internet on telephones and related innovations. It shows recordings of how people respond to the new technologies, which is exactly the same as the way we react right now about the inventions of our time. The original soundtrack and the narration by Tilda Swinton one-up the movie and make it a really pleasant experience to watch it.

Toto and his Sisters

The director of Toto and his Sisters was able to comment before the movie, and assure us that this is a documentary too. The story which unfolds during the movie is comparable to Requiem for a Dream. An extra dose of distress comes from the fact that it is 100% real. Wow.

Een dag in 't Jaar

Finally, a Dutch movie that is not only acted well, but acted in a way that I'd believe to be with the characters in the movie. In Een dag in 't Jaar the humorous and serious parts are balanced, and overall it feels very life-like.

Hostel ROOM and touristy stuff

Last year I had a pleasant stay at Hostel Room, a nice youth hostel just at the edge of the centre. Various volunteers of the festival stayed at the hostel during that time, as well as a variety of other people attending the festival.

I booked a bed a few weeks in advance, and had a great time meeting the people I knew from last year, as well as new friends. The hostel expressed their bond towards the festival by nameing the alcoholic beverage of the week the Tiger shot, and a regular Dutch tosti is pimped to become a Tiger tosti.

During my stay I also visited a few new touristy Rotterdam places.


The construction works on the Rotterdam Market Hall have finished, with on the inside the hugest piece of art I've seen. It looks and feels like a cathedral, and with a variety of foods, drinks and products you can buy on the market it is an interesting spot for both tourists and locals to go.

007 exhibition

The Kunsthal exhibited a variety of James Bond items, all neatly exposed along video material of the scenes in which they appeared. Unfortunately you couldn't take pictures, except for the Aston Martin that was exposed at the entrance of the exhibition.

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